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  1. In the first top dressing fertilization (20 DAT), the fertilizer was superficially incorporated, with ridging to increase the plants' sustention. Three foliar applications of the following micro-nutrients were performed: boron (B), in the form of boric acid (1g []) and molybdenum (Mo) in the form of .
  2. sustention definition: a sustaining or being sustainedOrigin of sustentionfrom sustain by analogy with retention.
  3. Sustention definition: a sustaining or being sustained | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  4. Sustentation definition is - the act of sustaining: the state of being sustained: such as. How to use sustentation in a sentence.
  5. Sustentation definition, maintenance in being or activity; the sustaining of life through vital processes. See more.
  6. sus·ten·ta·tion (sŭs′tən-tā′shən, -tĕn-) n. 1. Sustenance or maintenance, as with money. 2. Something that sustains; a support. [Middle English, from Old French, from Latin sustentātiō, sustentātiōn-, from sustentātus, past participle of sustentāre, to support; see sustentacular.] sus′ten·ta′tive .

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